Test Prep for the CHT Exam, (Third Edition): Continuing Education only

ASHT now offers a continuing education module as a companion to TEST PREP for the CHT Exam, 3rd Edition. Purchase of this continuing education module provides 20 contact hours/2.0 CEUs for the completion of a 200-question multiple-choice quiz at the end of the text. A continuing education certificate is awarded for a grade of 80% or higher.  As you may know, Test Prep for the CHT Exam, 3rd Edition is a detailed reference tool for therapists desiring to earn the Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) credential. This edition includes relevant evidence, provides references from peer reviewed journal articles, includes significantly more text and review questions, and presents numerous images to enhance visual learning. Through a combination of print and digital access, ASHT has created a valuable resource for referencing relevant anatomy, surgical procedures, treatment guidelines and orthotic regimens for the various diagnoses that therapists treat on a daily basis. The book covers 13 chapters, which address the core elements of hand therapy practice including fracture management, wound healing, and nerve injury. Multiple-choice questions have been added at the end of each chapter to review material and assess overall comprehension. Purchasers of the book also receive access to 20 additional online chapters, which continue the learning experience on topics such as burns, modalities, sprains and strains, electrodiagnostics, and pediatric conditions. The digital format extends the benefit of this valuable resource, and provides for more frequent updates as new evidence continues to enhance the practice of hand therapy.

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