PSC Chair discusses benefits of hand therapy

Posted on 07/29/2014

ASHT member and Practice Standards Commission Chair Karol Young was recently featured on WLOS 13 News in North Carolina, discussing the benefits of hand therapy. July 21, 2014 From WLOS 13 Arthritis of the hands affects millions of people and many of them can't or don't want to take medication for relief. Now, as News 13's Jay Siltzer shows us in today's Health Alert, a hands-on approach can ease the suffering. You might think at first glance Fran Creasy is getting a manicure. Actually, though, it's hand therapy for her condition, arthritis. Fran Creasy, arthritis patient, "I think it's a result of years of playing both flute and piano, and also it is heredity." Certified hand therapist Karol Young uses heat and exercise at St. Luke's Hospital in Columbus to decrease pain and increase motion. Karol Young, OT, Certified Hand Therapist, "you develop a friendship with your patients so you talk about family." But it doesn't stop there. Karol, "Fran had a lot of pain in this joint right here. So, we made here a custom-fabricated splint to wear at night to rest this joint and help with her pain." Fran, "yesterday morning, I couldn't believe how much it helped; I didn't have pain." Read more