In Tribute: Gloria Hershman, OTR, FAOTA

Posted by ASHT on 10/30/2014

Gloria Hershman OTR, FAOTA 3rd President of ASHT, 1980-1981
It is with sadness we share the news that Gloria Hershman died Friday, October 24, 2014 in San Francisco, after a prolonged illness. Her daughters were with her and share that it was a peaceful death. A family memorial service is scheduled for November 11as a celebration of her life.
Fellow past presidents pay homage to Gloria in this blog post:
“Gloria was a vibrant, intelligent, energetic leader who was president in my first year in ASHT.” Donna Breger Stanton, OTD, OTR/L, CHT, FAOTA
“Gloria -- who with a strong business background -- saw the structure we needed to build for ASHT to succeed long term.” Judy C. Colditz, OT/L, CHT, FAOTA
“She was loved and respected by many... a life well lived! I hope all of you are enjoying your journey...we are all blessed that we have each other.” Heidi Hermann Wright, MBA, OTR, CHT
"Gloria was an inspiration to me for my business, but she also encouraged me to keep my family in its rightful place as family has to come first.” Susan Emerson, MEd, OTR, CHT, CEES
“Gloria's leadership on the ASHT board and her service as president gave the society the focus and business sense it needed in its formative years. Any success I have had as a practice owner can be attributed to the days I spent under Gloria's tutelage in her office learning the ropes of private practice.” Joan Sullivan MA OTR CHT
“Gloria was very protective of our young society and she was protective of every person she knew within ASHT. She always had your back to ensure you didn’t fail…that you were successful! A great person to know on many levels.” Nancy Cannon OTR CHT
"Gloria saw potential in people and our organization (ASHT) and she worked to make that potential become reality. Her business acumen, genuine belief in and support of her colleagues and her tenacity attracted us to her mission and purpose. In the 1980s, there were few male hand therapists. Gloria befriended and encouraged my involvement in ASHT for which I will always be grateful." William Walsh MBA, MHA, OTR/L, CHT
“Early in ASHT development, Gloria believed that hand therapy education was an essential element to build the profession. The achievements during her tenure are a reflection of this commitment.”  Evelyn Mackin-Henry PT
“Your eloquent tributes to Gloria speak to her influence on us as individuals and her contributions to ASHT, an organization she was truly passionate about. I can think of nothing to add to what you’ve all so beautifully said except to offer that I think it would make her happy to see our 'therapeutic use of self' in comforting each other.” Janet Waylett-Rendall, OTR, CHT
"She was a role model for me as a strong woman who worked unstintingly for the society she loved, and a no-nonsense businesswoman who put her considerable intellect to work to build an admirable practice. ASHT is so blessed to have not only such memories of her but a society structure that she helped build with her leadership and pragmatic personality." Karen Stewart Pettengill, MS, OTR/L, CHT
"She expected much, gave even more, and encouraged everyone to do the same. She was the perfect fit during ASHT's early years and gave us all the "chutzpah"we needed for our progress at the time." Lynnlee Fullenwider, OTR/L, CHT