PT and OT Days of Service

Posted by Jane Fedorczyk, PT, PhD, CHT, ATC on 10/14/2015

This year, ASHT became a sponsor of the newly launched Global PT Day of Service. This is a time for PTs, PTs and students to serve their communities outside of the traditional clinic setting. The actual day of service is October 17, but therapists can choose any day the following week to serve. As your 2015 ambassador, I will be providing a few hours of consultation in a Philadelphia pro bono therapy clinic on Monday, October 19.
Additionally, October 27, 2015 is World Occupational Therapy Day, and to honor and promote the OT profession, it has also been designated as a Global Day of Service for OTs, COTAs and students.  
Most of us joined the PT and OT professions to make a difference in the lives of our patients. These PT and OT days of service allow us to extend our service beyond the clinic and into the communities in which we live. As hand therapists, we are in a unique position to offer consultation to a pro bono clinic within our communities. Contact local PT and OT schools to see how you can provide consultation, or find other ways to promote the value of PT, OT and hand therapy within your community. Don’t let the specific dates be an obstacle. If they do not work for you, plan another day in the near future and make a notation in your 2016 calendar to look for these dates next year.  Together, we can show our communities around the world that hand therapists are individuals dedicated to service. In some small way, let’s all find a way to pay it forward. 
Share your service events and photos on social media using #PTDOS and #OTGDS2015 in your tweets, and tag @HandTherapyASHT so we can see your contributions!