2014: A Year of Networking – Growing the Hand Therapy Community

Posted by Maureen A Hardy, MS, PT, CHT on 12/21/2014

Member surveys consistently point to “networking opportunities” as the most valued gift an organization can provide. ASHT recognizes that networking now has many venues where dialogue can occur: print, web, online and face-to-face meetings. Our definition of the “hand therapy community” has also expanded to embrace the international hand therapy world, our colleagues who provide grant funding (AHTF) and colleagues who assure our certification credentialing is respected (HTCC), hand surgical societies (AAHS, ASSH), as well as our vendor partners who operate to enhance our practice. The ASHT Board of Directors and staff have continued to grow networking opportunities in all their projects throughout 2014, with enthusiasm and team spirit that created a joyful year full of offerings. 
I hope you enjoyed some of these networking activities this year, and will branch out to try others next year. Let us know how you like these opportunities and any ideas for future growth.

Free Journal Club – an online forum with moderator-led discussions and CEUs

Free Patient Education Resources – download these informative and colourful brochures for your patients’ education

Free Practice Resources – all things related to practice questions from L Codes, to Legislative issues, to marketing tools, and links to AOTA & APTA resources

Free introductory access to OrthoEvidence for all members in 2014 – provides synopsis of recent published evidence  right to your email for easy access

Free e-Community – an online community for discussions, grouped by areas of interest

Free International connections – access to IFSHT Newsletters, International Volunteer Toolkit and Volunteer Organizations, links to International Conferences

Journal of Hand Therapy – members receive both hard copy and online access to all issues

ASHT Webinars – low cost/high value evening education programs

ASHT Annual Meeting – the premiere gathering for the hand therapy community to learn and network with your colleagues