Lisa Maggiore Treats Officer Wounded in Duty

Posted on 07/06/2012

ASHT member Lisa Maggiore was recently featured in the Stamford Advocate for her work with a police officer critically wounded after chasing a robbery suspect in early July. Stamford officer healing with help from community 'Stops me in my tracks': Strangers come to officer's side following life-threatening inury John Nickerson Updated 9:54 p.m., Saturday, July 7, 2012 STAMFORD ­-- If it weren't for the brace on his right elbow, it would be hard to tell Stamford police Officer Troy Strauser suffered a life-threatening injury less than two months ago. The six-year police veteran is still sore and weak, with an open incision in his chest that "leaks" requiring changing bandages a few times a day. Strauser was critically wounded after chasing a robbery suspect in the early morning hours of May 18 into Norwalk and then engaged him in a foot pursuit down an embankment on Interstate 95. Strauser chased the man, later identified as Frank Douglas, over a chain-link fence on the Farifield Avenue overpass -- and then everything got fuzzy. "I don't remember falling. I just remember standing up and my arm was not feeling right and I had a pain in my gut," he said. "I remember coming to and standing up and I saw a pool of blood and went down on one knee and I called for help on the radio," Read the full article and see pictures of Lisa treating Officer Strauser