ASHT member and volunteer information about hand therapy with local news outlet

Posted by ABC 13 WLOS on 03/09/2020

Posted by ABC 13 WLOS on 03/03/2020
Photo by WLOS staff

ASHT member and volunteer Karol Young shares information about hand therapy with her local news outlet.

Therapists help people recover from serious hand injuries, disease

COLUMBUS, N.C. (WLOS) — "Keep your elbow at your side ..."

Miles Southworth is strengthening his wrist following a mishap that required surgery.

"I stepped off the step and fell down and landed on my hand and broke the wrist," Southworth said.

"Now, with new surgical techniques, they can put in a plate and screws, and people can get moving pretty quickly," explained Karol Young, a certified hand therapist at St. Luke's Hospital Rehab in Columbus.

She aims to improve a patient's flexibility during therapy.

Young made Southworth's custom orthosis, dropping thermoplastics into water and then molding it to a perfect fit.

"You still need to wear it for protection when you're out and about," she told the 84-year-old.

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