Welcome to the Student Center

Posted by Kimberly Masker, OTD, OTR/L, CHT on 02/10/2020

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

More occupational and physical therapy students than ever before are taking their passion for hand therapy and making thoughtful and directed goals for their future even before graduation. I have more students than ever before coming to me who have already joined ASHT, and I bet you are seeing the same in your clinics.

The Education Division recognizes these students are working hard to create their own futures – in essence the future of our profession. While past products may have focused primarily on the practicing clinician, we have realized the importance of making a special place for our student members to grow, to foster their passion, to communicate and to find opportunities for learning.

The Education Division will soon launch the Student Center with the aim to meet all of those needs and more. Watch for these exciting offerings!

  • How to Start a Student Hand Therapy Club – Peer support, mentoring relationships and professional networking are important steps in becoming a hand therapist. By establishing a student hand therapy club at your university, you will be able to begin building relationships, skills and knowledge that will lead you to a successful path toward a career in hand therapy. This manual has all you need to start a student hand therapy club at your university.
  • Student Guided Learning Workbook – This workbook was developed to aid students in learning more about the basic knowledge required for a clinical rotation in the specialty of hand therapy. The content of this workbook guides the student through topics such as upper extremity anatomy, common conditions and general treatment interventions.
  • Student e-Community – The Student e-Community is an online community where students can connect with one another while sharing and exchanging information. Whether you are interested in learning more about the field of hand therapy, have questions regarding student clinical experiences and expectations, career development, learning resources or would like to discuss issues related to a future in the specialized field of hand therapy, this community forum is for you.
  • Student Self-Assessment – The purpose of the Student Self-Assessment is to provide the opportunity for OT and PT students to test to their knowledge of the basic concepts required during the clinical education experience within the practice of hand therapy. It has been developed to facilitate learning while supporting both students and clinical educators.
  • Classic articles, state study groups, tips on what to expect as a student in a hand clinic and so much more!

The Education Division is proud to be helping a new generation of hand therapists create the future!