Tools to educate patients and promote hand therapy

Posted by Karol Spraggs-Young, MS, OTR/L, CHT on 11/30/2014

Happy holidays from the Practice Standards Commission! As we take a break for the holidays, we want to remind you to take advantage of our committee's hard work this past year. Eight Patient Education Resources are now available and ready for use. With help from the creative department, the Patient Education Resources have been designed with easy-to-read information and pictures that help explain diagnoses and treatment options. We have received great feedback from therapists who are using these handouts as a part of patient education, while others have designated a location to display these resources in their clinics, making them readily available to patients and consumers.
The Patient Education Resources completed thus far include:

What is a Hand Therapist?

CMC Arthritis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

DeQuervain Tendinopathy

Dupuytren Disease

Extensor Tendon Injury

Tennis Elbow

Trigger Finger

These can easily be found under the “Patients” tab of the ASHT website. When we return in January, the Practice Standards Commission will resume work on these valuable resources with plans to complete eight more Patient Education Resources in 2015.  If you have any suggestions or topics for the committee to address, please email

Karol Spraggs-Young, MS, OTR/L, CHT
Practice Standards Commission Chair