Recharge Your Professional Battery at the Annual Meeting

Posted by Stacy Hite, PT, DPT, MS, CHT on 07/09/2015

“Ascending to new heights” is the theme of this year’s ASHT Annual Meeting. How appropriate! Each time I go to ASHT’s Annual Meeting, I come away with a professional high. Where else can I go and talk all my hand-nerd talk comfortably? I just don’t get the same response at my neighborhood block parties when I say “I love using relative motion splints for chronic boutonniere injuries!” Also, I get to meet the rock stars of our profession. Have you seen the lineup of speakers this year?

I went to my first AHST Annual Meeting in 2007 when I was just starting to focus my practice on hand therapy. I was overwhelmed by the variety of courses and the amount of information available. For someone starting in hand therapy, this conference is a great opportunity to gather lots of bits and pieces of information that are practical in the clinic.
I continue to go to the Annual Meeting meetings each year to recharge my professional battery. The energy of all the therapists is electric. As hand therapists, it is imperative that we educate the public and the healthcare community about our specialized practice. The Annual Meeting is a place we can gather our forces and find our collective voice.
I am psyched about this year’s Annual Meeting in Denver. Hope to see you there!
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