Presidential PrestiDIGITations: Elections

Posted by Dorit Aaron on 06/18/2012

Welcome Jane Fedorcyzk, Gary Solomon and Missy Thurlow, our newly elected 2013 board members!!
Elections are always exciting, whether at a national level or society level. They present us with an opportunity to consider the challenges of the last year, reevaluate the direction we want our society to take, and ask ourselves, who has the skill to get us there?
The ASHT Bylaws outline eligibility for each position.  Led by the immediate past president, the Nominations Committee is responsible for reviewing nominations, confirming eligibility and assembling the final slate.  Following the elections, the Nominations Committee makes procedural recommendations for the following year.  This year the Nominations Committee was able to be very efficient due to the updates made to the process by the 2011 Nominations Committee chaired by Peggy Boineau.
2012 Nominations Chair, Jerry Coverdale reported he is thrilled that for the first time in many years we had a multiple candidate slate for all positions. This is an indication of the growth of ASHT and  the changing perception of board service. We had outstanding, highly qualified candidates which presented voting members with tough choices for all positions. 
Elections are a complicated process, vital to the governance and continuity of our society.  This year we were lucky to have a full slate of well qualified therapists. Special thanks to Nominations Committee members, to the candidates who put their names forward to serve ASHT, and to all those members who took the time to vote. It is your commitment to our society that keeps us moving forward.