Presidential PrestiDIGITations

Posted by Dorit Aaron on 05/23/2012

How is your “geek quotient”?  That is the question of the day as we launch our new interactive community-based website!  If you are anything like me, reading a blog is a new activity. This innovative form of communication allows open interaction with colleagues on a website where we are able to debate, and share our thoughts and ideas. Thus I would like to welcome you to the new ASHT community website. This is your new home for 'everything related to hand therapy'.
We have spent countless hours integrating hand therapy as we know it with the latest available technology to improve our member experience on line. Our goal is to anticipate what hand therapists need before they need it.
Aside from this blog, additional new advances reveal the enhanced functionality ASHT is providing to improve our networking abilities. For example, we now have access to a community module, discussion forums, new L code and directory searches, and a photo slide show. You can upload files and photos, post comments, respond to other members, create groups of friends, post and respond to discussions and buy, sell and swap on the new community marketplace.
We find ourselves these days not only keeping up with scholarly and clinical advances in hand therapy, but also technological ones. The demands on us are grueling at a period in time where reimbursement is cut back and job expectations are ramped up.  We hope that this new website will serve to ease some of the 'time crunch' that we all feel.
This is Stage One of our wesite development. More exciting features will follow. We invite you to explore YOUR new web site, test it out and let us know what you think.