Pre-Conference Institutes You Don't Want to Miss!

Posted by ASHT Annual Meeting Committee on 08/12/2014

Think your billing software will take care of all your compliance issues? They won't be around if you are audited! The best defense is great offense. The ACA includes new rules and preventative measures against fraud as well as new enforcement tools. Under the present administration, prosecutions have increased to nearly 1200/year as compared to 700 in prior administrations..According to a recent statement by Dr. Shatanu Agrawal, Medical Director for the Center for Program Integrity at CMS, more than 12,000 Medicare enrollments have been revoked due to Medicare violations. He goes on to state "21% of improper payment cases are due to incorrect coding and 26% are due to insufficient documentation." Don't let your practice or worksite be a statistic! Sign up for the Annual Meeting Pre-Conference Institute presentation "Hands on With Compliance." Nancy Beckley has helped many practices through the audit process and is an expert on the helping practices be documentationally prepared! Don't miss this opportunity to mount a great offense!
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Tired of punching someone else's time clock? Owning your own private practice can be rewarding as well as liberating. Follow your dreams! Sign up for the Pre-Conference Institute “Yes, I would LOVE to be in Private Practice...but Where do I Start and What do I do Next?”  Three successful private practice owners will be sharing their tips, pearls and how-tos for starting and maintaining your very own hand therapy clinic. These three presenters will take you through the entire process, from how to choose the best location to set up, to negotiating contracts and marketing. They will help unravel confusing tax codes and guide you through those potentially expensive initial equipment purchases. They will offer tips on how to develop a business plan and how to deal fairly with employees.  Don’t let this fantastic opportunity to become your own boss slip by — sign up for this Pre-Conference today!
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ASHT's 37th Annual Meeting will be held September 18 - 20, 2014, with Pre-Conference Institutes taking place Wednesday, September 17. The Early Bird registration rate expires Thursday, August 14 at midnight. Don't miss your chance to save up to $100 by registering before the deadline. Visit our Annual Meeting site for more information.