A New Resource for Exam Candidates

Posted by Wen-Yau Yen, PT, DPT, CHT, CLT on 06/20/2013

Dear Colleagues:
As a member of the Education Division, one of my goals for the Fall of 2013 is to work with members preparing to take the CHT exam. When I prepared for the exam, what helped me the most was to surround myself with advanced clinicians to observe, learn and especially to ask questions! What motivated me the most was the wealth of knowledge that was constantly shared by my colleagues and the little nuggets of information I gained.
Of course it's the summer and you probably will not buckle down until after Labor Weekend. So to help make studying easier and more engaging, the Education Division has come up with a few ideas!
As part of the ASHT e-community, I will be moderating the CHT Exam Prep discussion forum with bi-weekly test questions, monthly web page updates. 
I invite you to listen, think and participate. We will QUIZ YOU in anatomy, challenge you in your treatment and evaluation skills and engage you in the post-surgical world! We will even be using the poll feature of the discussion forum to post test questions. So please share your comments, ideas, resources and ask questions!  
I would love to hear from you!
Wen-Yau Yen, PT, DPT, CHT, CLT
ASHT Education Division


This is awesome thank you!!!