Inform, Inspire and Influence: Celebrating World OT Day!

Posted by Sue Ram, OTD/S on 10/24/2017

Inform, Inspire and Influence: Celebrating World OT Day!

There is much to celebrate in 2017 as it marks the seventh year of World Occupational Therapy Day and the 100th year of occupational therapy. World Occupational Therapy Day is a day hosted by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) globally to promote and celebrate the wonderful profession of occupational therapy. The WFOT consists of 92 national occupational therapy associations around the world and this year’s theme is “Inform, Inspire and Influence."

Although it is a great time to reflect on how far we have come as a profession, it is critical to determine how we each will contribute to the advancement of occupational therapy. In order to promote positive change in our profession, we must strive to be globally connected by networking with other health professionals. The WFOT is a great platform to begin connecting with other OTs, from being able to access current evidence-based literature to attending conferences around the globe. Occupational therapy has valuable contributions to individuals and groups all over the world and being involved with the WFOT can serve as a stepping stone for allowing you to make a difference in the profession. This year, I challenge you to “inform, inspire and Influence” others about the power of occupational therapy. Here are some ways to do so:

I began to think about why it is so important to become involved with an international OT association such as WFOT. I realized that in order to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving health profession, we must connect with our global partners in order to further educate others on the necessity of our service. To do this, challenge yourself to develop OT-related programs in your community or research on a topic you care about and learn about what other countries have tried and succeeded at. Inform members of your community and policymakers of the benefits of OT services to diverse populations.


Many of us in the profession strive to inspire others while celebrate the big and small successes in life. We must continue to inspire others by showing the world what we do, from helping an adult learn how to brush their teeth again after experiencing a stroke or helping a child with sensory processing disorder so that they can be successful in school, there are so many ways to inspire others to learn about OT.


As globally connected health professionals, we have the ability to influence policy-makers, educators, technology, communities and many more. The sky’s the limit with how many people, groups and organizations we can promote health and wellness with. By informing and inspiring, we can make changes where it matters most.

In honor of World Occupational Therapy Day 2017, we invite you to join the celebration, thank you!