Response Letter for Proposed Rule CMS-6012-P

You now have access to a template for response to CMS regarding its proposed rule. This letter has been reviewed by multiple leaders in our field to try to bring out the important talking points, but this is YOUR response letter. We are all still working hard on a formal response letter from the organization that will have more specific data regarding our literature, education standards, etc. 

NEW: We've heard great feedback from our allied surgeons, and now offer a template letter resource for those wishing to contact CMS.

Please follow these important points:

  • Look through and delete any points that do not pertain to you – whether you are an OT, PT and/or CHT.
  • Feel free to delete or modify any items you do not feel accurately represent your personal view – again, this template is for you.
  • Feel free to add any content that further expresses the personal impact this rule would have on you and/or your practice.
  • Comments are due March 13, 2017.

Letters may be mailed to the address on the header or electronically submitted (for efficiency you can attach your comment as a file).

Download CMS Therapist Response Letter Template
Download CMS Surgeon Response Letter Template -- NEW

Thank you all for your concern and support!

Thank you for your interest in ASHT!

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