How Do Your Salary & Benefits Stack Up Against Your Peers?

Posted by Lynnlee Fullenwider, OTR/L, CHT - HTCC President on 04/28/2013

The Hand Therapy Certification Commission (HTCC) has performed four salary surveys since 2004 and is currently performing our fifth survey. HTCC collects data on salaries and benefits for Certified Hand Therapists in addition to therapists who do not have the CHT credential. The purpose of the survey is to obtain information frequently requested by therapists and employers, to serve as a resource to the hand therapy community by sharing this information and to provide ongoing data.

The current survey will run through May 10, 2013, and HTCC will grant one hour of continuing education for completing the survey. CHTs can submit this hour in Category G for recertification. An outstanding response rate is essential in order to have the most comprehensive results, so if you have not done so,  please take a moment to complete the survey by clicking here.


As in previous years, this year’s survey will compare salaries of CHTs vs non-CHTs, by years of experience and by regions of the US and Canada, as well as Australia, New Zealand and the European Union, depending on the response rates from these countries. The survey will also compare benefits received, including continuing education benefits received and how continuing education benefits are paid.


The final survey report will be compared to the 2011 survey and will be available for free as a downloadable PDF to CHTs and ASHT members. Once again, please take a moment to complete the survey so that we will have a high response rate to have the most valuable information to share with you. 


HTCC Salary Survey


Wishing you all wellness and a vibrant spring and summer 2013.


Lynnlee Fullenwider, OTR/L, CHT - HTCC President




I notice this posting mentions the HTCC salary survey is free to ASHT members, however, when I go to the HTCC website to access the survey, they only indicate that it is free for CHTs. Does anyone have an answer for this? I am an ASHT member, but not a CHT and would like to access the survey. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

It's free to non-CHTs only if you participated in the survey.

Ok, thank you for clearing that up.

I am not finding a way to access the salary survey. I am a CHT and an ASHT member.

Where can we access past surveys?

Gosh, I saved this info but my computer crashed. I am in need of this info to make a informed decision regarding the rate to offer a possible new CHT. Thanks.

Hello! You can find the most recent salary survey results on the HTCC website at If you have any further questions about the survey, please contact