Every year, many talented, hard-working ASHT members help advance the hand therapy profession and patient care through volunteer service. We know you’re busy, but we encourage you to make time to get involved with ASHT. Participating in the society often returns unexpected dividends – improved leadership skills, connections with hand therapists all over the country and a better understanding of the issues facing hand therapists in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Available Volunteer Opportunities

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ASHT Times Co-Editor

The ASHT Times is the society's quarterly member magazine containing cutting-edge contributions from hand therapists, and news and information from members. 

  • Are you a capable writer, connected in the hand therapy community and comfortable soliciting articles from a range of professionals?
  • Are you aware of the latest professional developments, and able to think creatively about generating and presenting valuable content to attract and retain readers?
  • Are you highly organized, able to commit up to 10 hours per month and able to work on deadline?

If you answered "yes," please consider applying to serve as the ASHT Times co-editor. You will work with another editor and the headquarters staff team to plan and develop quarterly editions of the magazine. This is a two-year appointment with the successful candidate serving his/her term in three stages: shadowing the current editors for two issues (Winter/Spring 2019), leading the development of four issues with the current co-editor and mentoring his/her successor for two issues as outgoing editor.

If interested, please send a current copy of your CV/resume and a letter of interest to ASHT@asht.org. The deadline to apply is December 28, 2018.

2025 IFSSH-IFSHT Triennial Congress Co-chair

The American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) and the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) are collaborating on a joint bid to host the combined International Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH) and the International Federation of Societies of Hand Therapy (IFSHT) 2025 Triennial Congress. 

ASHT is looking for a qualified co-chair to share responsibility for the development and management of the education program for the IFSSH-IFSHT Triennial Congress – the largest gathering of hand therapists and hand surgeons in the world. The 13th IFSSH-IFSHT Triennial Congress will be held in May 2025, in Washington, D.C. (pending bid acceptance). Two co-chairs — one appointed by IFSHT and the other appointed by the host country (ASHT) — work together to select and manage the scientific and program advisory committee.

Responsibilities: Scientific and Program Advisory Committee
In cooperation with the IFSHT president, ASHT president and ASHT headquarters team:

  • Determine format and content of the hand therapy program
  • Assist with the therapist paper and review process
  • Identify and invite international therapist speakers
  • Identify and invite international therapists to serve as session chairs to plan and design congress educational content
  • Maintain frequent and thorough communication with session chairs throughout all planning and review phases and facilitate communication among session chairs
  • Coordinate the submission of invited/special sessions among session chairs
  • Facilitate recruitment of therapists to serve as abstract reviewers
  • Supervise and manage the review process and acceptance of proposals according to the established procedures and timeline
  • Incorporate current issues and evidence-based practice when developing content and topic areas
  • Foster collaboration between hand surgery and hand therapy topic areas
  • Maintain frequent and thorough communication with Congress Program Team (IFSHT/ASHT) throughout the entire program planning process
  • Participate in conference calls as requested by the IFSHT Council / ASHT Board of Directors
  • Participate in onsite planning meeting: Visit host city (Washington, D.C.) with IFSSH, IFSHT, ASHT and ASSH meetings staff to view/assign meeting space in the convention center, and to visit various hotels and other venues where meetings/receptions may be held (TBD 2024)
  • Attend the 2022 IFSSH-IFSHT Triennial Congress in London
  • Serve as the public face of the Triennial Congress (therapy program), with the Opening General Session keynote speaking assignment, and attend other engagements as needed

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be an ASHT member in good standing
  • Have served on an ASHT conference planning committee (or equivalent)
  • Have attended a Triennial Congress (strongly preferred)
  • Be willing to commit substantial time (2022-2025)

Additional Skills or Traits that will be Favorably Considered

  • Experience organizing, presenting and managing professional and scientific programs
  • Past experience as an ASHT volunteer leader in other capacities
  • Administrative, time management and organizational skills
  • Professional recognition
  • Established connections in the hand therapy/surgery community
  • Creative approach to considering new continuing education formats and methodologies
  • Ability to problem solve and develop creative resolutions
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)

Nominations Deadline: January 31, 2019
Before nominating someone, please confirm they would be willing. Self-nominations are welcomed. ASHT members who wish to be considered should submit:

  1. A letter of intent
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Three letters of support

Your nomination packet should be emailed to Gene Terry, ASHT Executive Director (gterry@asht.org) or sent by mail to 2025 Triennial Congress Co-Chair c/o Gene Terry, ASHT, 1120 Route 73, Suite 200, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054. 

Selection Process

  • The ASHT Board of Directors will review applications
  • Decision will be made by February 2019 and candidate will be notified thereafter

Technology & Communication Committee Blog Writers

Interested in being more involved with ASHT, but think you don’t have enough time? Considering volunteering as a blog writer!

ASHT members are writing blogs to share on ASSH's HandCare.org blog as part of our Advice from a Certified Hand Therapist series. Posts are typically 3-4 paragraphs and written in a Q&A format in lay language for patients to easily understand (example: FOOSH, Trigger Finger).

To volunteer, please sent a letter of interest and copy of your CV/resume to ASHT@asht.org.

Independent Finance Committee

If you or someone you know has the ability to understand financial operations of an organization, please consider applying to become a member of the ASHT Independent Finance Committee. Participants will gain unique insight into the operations of our professional membership organization.

The Independent Finance Committee develops and recommends to the Board of Directors those financial policies, plans and courses of action that provide for mission accomplishment and organizational financial well-being. Consistent with this responsibility, the Independent Finance Committee reviews the annual budget and submits the budget to the board for approval. Additionally, the Independent Finance Committee makes policy recommendations with regard to the level and terms of indebtedness, cash management, investment policy, risk management, financial monitoring and reports and other policies the committee determines are advisable for effective financial management.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Attend quarterly Independent Finance Committee conference calls (with three weeks' notice if a call is cancelled). Committee members are also invited to attend monthly Board of Directors conference calls to stay informed.
  • Attend required conference calls during review of the annual audit (March) and budget (November)
  • Review monthly financial report and make recommendations for necessary adjustments based on budgeted priorities
  • Review quarterly investment report and make recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • Review financial impact of proposals and contracts and make recommendations to the Board of Directors

Prospective candidates may include (but not limited to):

  • Accountant
  • Attorney
  • ASHT past president (excluding current immediate past president)
  • ASHT member who owns a practice or is involved in business
  • Healthcare professional with experience in finance

Note: Membership in ASHT is not a requirement to serve on the Independent Finance Committee.

Committee members will serve staggered two- or three-year terms. Committee members have the option to renew one additional term for the equal amount of years they currently serve.

To apply, please send a brief letter of interest and current version of your CV/resume to ASHT@asht.org.

State Representative (Advocacy)

ASHT is looking for a volunteer from each state to be our "eyes and ears" on the ground for local issues affecting hand therapy practice and reimbursement. If you are interested in serving as the local representative for your state, please contact the Practice Division at ASHT@asht.org.

International Committee

The International Committee responds to member questions, moderates the international e-Community discussion group and conveys salient information. The committee also liaises with International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy (IFSHT). ASHT is currently seeking volunteer leaders for two-year terms.

Participation in the International Committee is an excellent opportunity to network with other hand therapists from around the world on issues related to hand therapy practice. Therapists on the committee represent various regions of the United States and different types of practices, and can include therapists from around the world.

ASHT created the International Committee to support hand therapists interested in the worldwide community of hand therapy and wishing to work with international members and those who attend ASHT meetings and functions by:

  • Producing resources for Annual Meeting attendees
  • Organizing networking opportunities for international attendees
  • Helping facilitate international speakers at the meeting
  • Promoting participation of the international attendees (such as poster and research presentations)
  • Developing additional forums for international members to benefit from their ASHT membership
  • Participating in the international listserv
  • Developing website resources for U.S. therapists wishing to volunteer and teach in other countries
  • Exploring liaison roles with therapists from other countries
  • Developing new ideas to further develop the relationship of U.S. ASHT members with international members and their colleagues     

The IC seeks international ASHT members who meet the following criteria:

  • High level of interest in international affairs and the global hand therapy community
  • Experience with international therapy practices
  • Regular access to computer, email and Internet
  • Available to assist (1 to 2 hours a week)
  • Able to meet at the Annual Meeting at own expense for interaction/networking with the international attendees
  • Interest in working with other dynamic individuals as part of a team
  • Willing to invest a two-year commitment as an IC member

To apply, please send your resume/CV and a paragraph explaining why you are interested in volunteering and how your strengths/experiences would make you a good candidate to ASHT@asht.org.

ASHT Times Contributor

Whether it's a clinical article, case study or perspective piece, we encourage ASHT members to contribute to the ASHT Times, the society's official quarterly news publication. To view the latest issue of the ASHT Times and learn more about the content included, please visit the ASHT Times archive. If you are interested in contributing to our member magazine, please email ASHT@asht.org. We'd love to hear your ideas!

"Tip of the Week" (Clinical Pearl) Contributor

Be a part of ASHT's newest benefit, "Tip of the Week," where clinicians share quick tips and clinical pearls through ASHT’s social media platforms. Posts are 50-100 words (can include a photo) and are designed to be a handy tip you have discovered through your experience as a hand therapist. We pick up tips and tricks with every patient (sometimes even accidentally or through our mistakes!), and we want an outlet for people to share these tips with others. If you are interested in participating in this program in any way, please email ASHT@asht.org.  (View examples on the ASHT Facebook page.)

Volunteers are the heart of any organization.
Thank you for helping ASHT make a difference.