2020 Lifetime Fellowship Award Nomination Form



This distinguished award recognizes a member who makes lifelong contributions to ASHT and the hand therapy community at large. Lifelong ASHT fellows are honored for their long-term society membership participation, exemplary leadership and documented achievements in the field. Thus far, only 15 individuals have been recognized with this award since it was established in 1985. The cumulative effects of these recipients have been paramount in advancing the field of hand therapy through ASHT. Their talents have been diverse with integrated accomplishments, and a minimum of 25 years of membership in ASHT.


The Awards Committee accepts nominees from the membership and selects the award winner through a structured process. The award is presented at the annual ASHT meeting during the Awards Ceremony.


Recommendations for Lifetime membership must be submitted first to the Awards Committee for review per standard operating procedure to ensure accordance with ASHT bylaws. Eligible Lifetime members are individuals whom the society deems worthy of special recognition in view of a career-long ASHT membership participation, exemplary leadership and documented achievements in the field. The nomination is open to ASHT members active for a minimum of 25 years. Committee-endorsed recommendations will be represented to the board. A unanimous vote of the board shall be required in order to bestow this status. Only one Lifetime Fellowship Award is presented each year.


  • MEMBERSHIP:  25 years as an ASHT member in good standing.
  • PARTICIPATION:  Career long ASHT participation as a volunteer (i.e., served on ASHT committees; presented at ASHT annual meetings and other ASHT programs).
  • LEADERSHIP:  Has demonstrated extensive leadership through sustained and significant contributions to the profession; Held leadership positions in ASHT (ie ASHT Board position; division director; course chair; task force leader, annual meeting chair; leadership in clinical practice, i.e., management/supervisory positions). 
  • SCHOLARLY ACHIEVEMENTS:  Publications, research, teaching and presentations, training programs, advanced degrees and credentials; educational appointments.
  • SERVICE:  Through their knowledge, expertise, leadership, advocacy and guidance have made significant contributions to the profession and consumers; this may include but not be limited to community outreach, mission trips, etc.


  • Letter of nomination from an Active ASHT member in good standing for at least one year establishing why the nominee meets the criteria of the award. This letter must be 250 words or less.
  • Current curriculum vitae with no repeated data.
  • Three letters of support, two of which must be from ASHT members in good standing for at least one year.
  • Online nomination form completed by nominator with no repeated data.


The nominator is to:

  • Obtain the nomination form for the Lifetime Fellowship award from ASHT.
  • Ensure no data is replicated on the nomination form; overlapping categories and use of accomplishments in more than one area are prohibited.
  • Verify that members writing letters of testimony meet the nomination form requirements.
  • Prepare and submit a cover letter of personal comments capturing the unique reasoning why the candidate should be included as a lifetime fellow. This letter must be 250 words or less.
  • Include a photo with the cover letter (JPEG)
  • Submit the nomination package by August 5, 2020.

Prior to acceptance of the Lifetime Fellowship Award, the ASHT member agrees to the following:

  • Will uphold the ASHT Code of Ethics.
  • Will identify potential ASHT leaders using their own unique criteria.
  • Will represent ASHT if called upon as an advisor or ambassador.


This completed application must be submitted no later than August 5, 2020.


Please provide specific information for the following categories of selection criteria. Information may be used once and not repeated in other categories. Please do NOT indicate “see attached CV.” The information provided below will be the basis for evaluating the candidate’s qualification for selection.

Relevant Accomplishments

I. Candidate’s contributions to ASHT education and service to hand therapy

A. Service on ASHT committees whose purpose was to promote clinical guidelines and protocols

B. Service on ASHT task forces with projects of an ongoing nature (longer than three months)

C. Service as an organizer of ASHT events, such as Annual Meeting Chair/Co-Chair, ASHT study courses, CD-ROM, etc.

II. Candidate’s leadership involvement in hand therapy and/or professional organizations (please include length of term)

III. Candidate’s contributions to the specialty of hand rehabilitation/healthcare (please include length of term)

IV. Candidate’s contributions to public service and/or awareness of hand therapy (please include length of term)

A. AOTA, APTA, international organizations

B. ASHT state chapter

C. CHT credentials obtained and maintained for a minimum of five years

D. Non-ASHT national/state organizations task forces (e.g. licensure, UE/healthcare management)

V. Candidate’s contributions in publications -- not as part of regular paid employment; can receive stipend or honorarium, expenses (please include length of term)

VI. Candidate’s involvement in lectures and speaking engagements (all presented below) are assumed to be honorarium-based experiences and not part of regular paid hours.

Please upload three Letters of Support, two of which must be from ASHT members in good standing for at least one year.