2018 Honorary Membership Award


Purpose: This award is given to a NON-MEMBER and recognizes persons other than certified hand therapists who have made significant contributions to the ASHT and to the specialty of hand therapy through education, advocacy, research, public service, marketing and promotion of the ASHT’s mission, vision and values; whose achievements are of national or international significance or influence and have provided notable service to the specialty of hand therapy.

Process: The Awards Committee accepts nominees from the membership and selects the award winner through a structured process. The award is presented at the annual ASHT meeting during the Awards Ceremony.

Eligibility: Recommendations for Honorary Membership must be submitted first to the Awards Committee per standard operating procedure for review to ensure accordance with ASHT Bylaws. Eligible Honorary Members are individuals whom the society deems worthy of this special honor because of their long-term professional interest and interaction with the society. The nomination is open to professionals who are not certified hand therapists (CHTs) and/or those not eligible to be members of the Society This individual is someone who has made significant noteworthy advancements to the hand therapy field. Honorary Members may be, but are not limited to being, members of ASSH, AAHS, AOTA or APTA.

Awards Committee endorsed recommendations will be presented to the ASHT Board of Directors. A unanimous vote of the Board shall be required in order to bestow this status.

Frequency: Only one Honorary Membership Award is presented each year.


  • Letter of nomination from an Active ASHT member in good standing for at least one year establishing why the nominee meets the criteria of the award.
  • Three letters of support, two of which must be from ASHT members in good standing for at least one year.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Completed online nomination form. Nominator must write to each applicable category on the application form with supportive data from the attached CV. Data may not be repeated in different categories.

This completed application must be submitted no later than June 20, 2018.


Honorary Membership Award Nomination Form

Please provide specific information for the following categories of selection criteria. Information may be used once and not repeated in other categories. Please do NOT indicate “see attached CV.” The information provided below will be the basis for evaluating the candidate’s qualification for selection.

Relevant Accomplishments

Membership in professional organizations (ASSH, AAHS, AOTA, APTA, etc.):

I. Candidate’s contributions to clinical methods and treatments that directly affect hand rehabilitation
II. Candidate’s leadership involvement in professional organizations
III. Candidate’s contributions in research and publications that impact hand rehabilitation and the practice of hand therapy
IV. Candidate’s involvement in lectures and speaking engagements (honorarium based experiences and not part of regular paid employment). Topics presented must have focused on hand/upper extremity care/rehabilitation or healthcare management.
V. Candidate’s international contributions related to hand care/rehabilitation/healthcare.
Please upload three Letters of Support, two of which must be from ASHT members in good standing for at least one year.